Steve Jobs Q & A 1997

This is favorite Steve Jobs video ever! You get to see a passionate Jobs talking about his love for Apple and technology. He will be missed.

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Play Station 3: My first gaming console?

I’ve never had a good gaming machine in my short life so far that doesn’t lag and allows me to play the game. I’ve always had a PC that I downloaded Steam to and play games like TF2 ( my favorite game ever) and Tom Clancy Splinter Cell series  But each time I played  I always had lag (even when I’m playing online) . This problem might be due to the fact that my PC might not be fast enough but do I really want to invest in building a “gaming PC”? No, So I’ve turned to the next best option; Play Station. I don’t have anything against Sony, they create real innovating products that don’t copy other companies. I’ve never been a fan of xBox or Microsoft in general and I don’t plan on starting. I really don’t care for Halo or Kinect so why pay big bucks to have an xBox.


So I’m faced with the PS4 or the PS3,  I really don’t want to pay $400 up front for a brand new gaming console. I’m not that hard of a gamer and don’t need the best gaming console out there. But I would like something that I can turn on and go… and not worry about updating drivers, blue screen of death ( yes i’ve had a couple of them during game play) Plus its summer and I feel like playing video games long into the night. I’ve been search Craigslist to see if I can find and PS3 for $200. Unless I pay up for a PS4 but i also want an iPad Mini for the fall for college. I think a PS3 is a safe bet and will keep up today and possible 2-3 years from now.

I’m open to any suggestions on why I shouldn’t buy a Play Station, but is pretty much set in stone that Sony will get my business.

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My Thoughts: Jobs Trailer

Last friday the much anticipated Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie finally released a trailer after delaying the release of the movie.  I was disappointed that there wasn’t a trailer our sooner. Because the company released a short clip back in January that caused everybody to doubt the movie. And when Steve Woz opened his big mouth and started talking trash about the clip caused even a bigger uproar  I know thats why they pushed the release date back further hoping that everybody would forget about his comments. My frist reaction to the clip was a bit disappointing as I was unsure why the company was releasing a clip of the movie to do its bidding. When a trailer should have been the first thing to be released, but I still had hope in Ashton that he could pull of a convincing portrayal of Jobs.

I was very excited to finally see a trailer for the movie. I must have watched it 10 times in one day; I was like a giddy school boy. I was finally seeing the Steve Jobs that I wanted to see on screen. Not that I have anything against Noah Wyle in Pirates of Silicon Valley but I think Ashton will be more convincing: Plus Ashton gets bonus points for looking exactly like Jobs.

I’m really excited to see this film and can’t wait for Aug 16. I personally stand behind the film and I think it will be a great movie ( even if it doesn’t have the Woz blessing)  but I just hope it encourages young people to become passionate about something, to become rebels and to think differently.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

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iPad: lifestyle

I’ve been living without my macbook pro for 2 months now and I can say that I can do it.  At frist I was a little unsure on wither I could do it or not. But it turns out that I can. I’ve been working on moving all of my data from my macbook pro to my external hard drive because I’m selling it. Now I don’t want you to get the impression that I live my self completely on a iPad. For business reasons I cannot, I do all my business work on my PC ( I’m saving up for an iMac) but for now I have to use a PC. But as for my personal life, I’m completely iPad. I recently have been posting items on Cragslists and put a item on eBay all through the eBay app. There a few tasks that are difficult to do but it makes me have to think of a better more easier to do it.  With iOS 7 coming out in the fall, I’m excited to see the iPad become a better multi-tasking device.

iOS 7: A new era for Apple

Yesterday was WWDC, and boy did Apple throw a lot at us. But I’m only going to talk about iOS 7 as currently people are really trashing the new design of

Photo Jun 10, 5 11 19 PM

iOS 7 for what ever reason.

Frist off, I was surprised to find that iOS 7 looked nothing like the mocks up that I had seen in the past ( which I was thankful for) but I was a little disappointed at the color choice that Apple made or should I say Jony Ive made. I was really looking for this flat like design similar to the theme that I have currently installed on my iPod Touch 5gen. But I’m not saying that iOS 7 is bad. I’m not a developer so I don’t have access to iOS 7 beta.

My over all impression is that I love it. It looks like iOS 6 took LSD and came up with iOS 7. I love the font choice and how very clean and simple it looks. It looks very spacious from Notification Center to every native app being re-designed.

( click here for more pictures :

I do say that Apple is moving into a new generation, this look and feel of simplicity and clean. I’m sure we will see future Mac OS X installments begin to look like iOS 7.  Right now people are pissed because its new and not what they are use too. But I think that Apple is setting itself up for the future for the next 10 years. Apple is looking forwards and it needs to piss people off! I mean even the Mac Pro was a huge improvement.

I can’t believe I have to wait until fall to get iOS 7 though I could buy a $99 Apple Developer account for a year but that’s a waste of $100. So I’ll just be looking at what other people are posting online. People you should be following on Twitter that have iOS 7 beta are @mistercharlie  @bst3r

Photo Jun 11, 2 47 01 PM

My current iOS Theme:

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Netflix in HD

I wrote a post recently about how poor the video quality is on Netflix and how it might detour me from using Netflix. I would first like to say that I was wrong and that Netflix does have HD but its only for the computers and TV. When I first signed up I went straight to my iPad and didn’t bother using Netflix on my MacBook Pro ( cause I’m trying to live without my MBP) Turns out that Netflix can’t or has a hard time streaming HD to the iPad. When I watched House of Cards on my MacBook Pro it was pure HD, 1080p! But then I move over to my iPad and its all pixely. I would like to try streaming Netflix via an Apple TV because maybe I might invest in getting one and stream Netflix from there.
I just wanted to clarify that Netflix does stream HD but only on computers and TVs.

Happy Friday everyone.

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Netflix: my review

I decided it was time to explore the world of Netflix and to see what I was missing. I signed up for a free month trial, like most people do and began my time with Netflix.
2 years ago my family signed up for Netflix but it turned out that they had nothing good on Netflix ( Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings) movies that I wanted to see, which are still not on Netflix. I thought I would give Netflix a second chance and turns out it was worth revisiting again. Much to my surprise, Netflix had a bunch of TV shows that I was interested in watching (Mad Men, the office, house of cards and Doctor who)
I signed up for Netflix because I no longer have a DVD drive- thus I need something to watch/ stream movies with. And Netflix seemed to be the best option. I really enjoy the convenience of Netflix but there is one thing that bothers me.
1: the quality of the movies suck, I mean there not in HD. Now I know I might be expecting to much from Netflix considering that I’m streaming over the Internet. But I have Internet speeds of 40mb (Ethernet or wifi) There is no excuse for such poor quality. I’ve talked to a couple of people about this issue and they said that its like that but your eyes get use to it. I have found that if I let it buffer for a couple of minutes that its seems to help but still it’s not the quality that I want.
I still have a month to use Netflix and to see if I really want to pay the monthly subscription for it.
My question to you- do you have this problem? Or am I being to hard on Netflix?

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iPad- Content Creator

I’ve been using my iPad for 2 weeks- without the aid of my MacBook Pro. So far I have not seen any problem moving, however an iPad lifestyle is not for everyone. If you want to move to an iPad lifestyle, you have to decide if your going to be a content creator. Content Creator is somebody who creates content ( websites, edits pictures, film editing, coding) simple enough. However, the iPad lacks the features and apps to be a successful content creator. I might be putting down the iPad for this lack of feature but there are some things that I can’t do on my iPad that I end up doing on my MacBook Pro. Adobe photoshop, WordPress and adobe after effects are just a few examples of programs that I use that the iPad lacks. I know that there is a WordPress app for the iPad but to be honest it sucks and lacks the ability to really customize your site. I’m using the app right now to write the post, but anything else I do it on my MacBook Pro. I’m aware that there is some form of Adobe Photoshop for the iPad but I have yet to download it and try it out. As for After Effects…Action Movie FX?
In a upcoming post, I’m going to walk you through my plan of attack and how I’m going to completely walk away from the MacBook Pro mind set.
My word of advise- if your a content creator then you might want to stay with a MacBook Pro or iMac for now until the iPad becomes more powerful. But if your a blogger or college student, the iPad is for you.
Now if you’ll excuse me- I’m going to bike 5 miles.

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Is iPad the next computing device?

Ever since I bought my iPad, I’ve been asking myself the question on whither the iPad could become the next computing device that people would use. I’ve read some articles dismissing the idea of the iPad becoming a computing device. I personally see the iPad becoming a device that consumers would use on a daily bases.
I have finished college and no longer need to be using my Macbook Pro for research. Yesterday, I put my MBP away and today started using my iPad full time. I’m making a list of different tasks that I run into on the iPad that I can’t do and how I’m going to accomplish it. I told myself that by the end of the summer I have to sell either the MacBook Pro or iPad. Because its pointless to have 2 device that do pretty much the same thing. Right now I’m leaning more towards selling the MacBook Pro and using my iPad for my main computing device. If your a content creator then you should stick with your computer but if you do simple tasks like email, facebook, news, blogging then you should get a iPad. I’m not a content creator so there is no need for me to have such a workstation like the MBP plus I’m not a heavy gamer.

There is just one questions that keeps floating around in my head. Could I live without a computer? I see a problem when it comes to media. I have a bunch of movies and music that I have on my MacBook Pro but where do I store all of it when I get rid of it? I either buy a lot of Dropbox space or a NAS hard drive and put everything in my own “personal cloud”. Either way I still need some place to store my content that I don’t use on a daily bases. Unless I were to buy “everything” off iTunes in which case everything would be store on Apple’s servers. But I’m not doing that 😀

But the question remains will the iPad replace the PC? I think it can, we are only seeing the tip of the ice burg when it comes to tablet computing. It has a lot of potential in the future to change the way we work or communicate. Recently Blackberry CEO said that tablet computing will be gone in 5 years and that Blackberry needs to just wait this one out. I totally disagree with his comment- I don’t the iPad fad is going to be over in 5 years. Either Steve Jobs was stupid in creating the iPad or was a genius. I’m going with genius!
But I don’t think tablets will replace the PC( desktop or laptops). PC’s are not going anywhere any time soon. The best way to think of this is like transportation.
Desktop PC- trucks, 8 wheelers
Laptops- Pick up trucks
Cell phones- motorcycles
Trucks are here to stay, no matter if cars become smaller and more efficient trucks will always be. Because they are great at hulling heavy loads. Desktop computers are the same way. I honestly can not see Hollywood using iPads to edit movies, but I can see the everyday person using an iPad. Moving to an all iPad lifestyle depends on what you do(profession, job).

I’m excited to see how this new lifestyle will work for me and if I can accomplish it.

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Tomorrow begins it all

Now that I am done with college I can truly begin to move into an all iPad lifestyle. Starting tomorrow I will be using my iPad as my only device for communication, email, social networking etc. Let the games begin!